PCC Referral Services

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring program PAUSED  during the COVID-19 outbreak

The 24-hour blood pressure monitoring program allows family physicians to refer patients to the Primary Care Centre to measure blood pressure (BP) at regular daily intervals, providing a clear picture of how BP changes as patients move through their typical day. Physicians may refer patients to rule out the “white coat effect”, to monitor the effects of medications on BP or to investigate whether BP stays high at night. 24-hour BP monitoring is available by booked appointment only, based on a referral from a CWC PCN physician member. The patient will be booked for a 15 minute set up appointment and a corresponding removal appointment 24 hours later, at which time the results are sent via fax to the referring physician (please note that the PCC does not interpret the results). This service is offered at no cost to patients.

RhoGam®/WinRho® Referral Service

This same-day service provides timely access to RhoGAM®/WinRho® for Rh-negative patients at the time of miscarriage (pre-14 weeks), during pregnancy or post-partum. To refer your patient, please use the WinRho® Agreement form and fax the completed document and necessary blood work/antibody screen as indicated to 403.249.9976.

Seven-day-a-week, same-day appointment service

  • This service is by appointment only and is available 365 days a year to your patients. This service acts as an extension of your practice.
  • Patients can be referred the same day if you cannot see them. Your patient can also call Health Link at 811 if the practice is closed.
  • This provides your patients with an alternative to a walk-in or a possible ER visit for non-urgent care needs. You receive a record of care for follow-up.
  • Hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 1 to 4 p.m. on weekends.

Note: The seven-day-a week, same-day appointment service (including evening and weekend appointments and on-call physician) provides physician members with coverage that meets the CPSA’s standard for after-hours care and emergency test results. To ensure your clinic is compliant and patients are directed appropriately, please download the document below or contact your Physician Liaison.

After-Hours Care and Emergency Test Results Coverage 

Senior Services

Seniors with complex medical issues can be referred to the Senior Services team. Referrals will be triaged based on indicated need(s). This interdisciplinary team provides specialized primary care with the goal of supporting seniors to remain at home in their community for as long as possible. Team members help patients access medical and community services, assist with personal needs and identify and address gaps in care. 

The team can also assess for a range of medical, social and psychological concerns, including:

  • Safety (hazards, medications)
  • Function and mobility (falls, transportation)
  • Health and nutrition (diet, pain control, chronic disease management)
  • Mental health (cognitive function, depression)
  • Psychosocial issues (family support, abuse/neglect)
  • Environmental assessments (home visits)

Seniors home based primary care 

The Seniors Home Based Primary Care program is a collaboration between the CWC PCN and Alberta Health Services. It provides homebound seniors aged 65 and older with a comprehensive care program and team who provide care at home.

Working collaboratively with Home Care, the program is designed to allow patients that meet the criteria to “age-in-place” with respect, dignity and comfort, reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

NOTE:  The program's current capacity is 30 patients. If full, new referrals to Seniors Home Based Primary Care will be wait-listed with patients being accepted as space opens. 

Social Workers

CWC PCN Social Workers are involved in the provision of services to clients and families. They act as a temporary resource for identified clients by providing short-term counselling and crisis intervention, facilitating caregiver and other supports and acting as a liaison to education and support groups.

Following a detailed assessment, social workers develop a program of care which may include resource management, resource counselling, case coordination, transition planning and advocacy according to professional practice standards. Duties will vary depending on the patient population served.

Social Workers can also provide phone consultations for physician members and CWC PCN Patient Care Team members.