Primary Care Centre spreading joy to children and families

December 19, 2018

From the left: Erica Evans-Bruce, Jane Delovino, Catharine van der Linden and Patricia Hinds.

The Primary Care Centre is spreading a touch of holiday cheer to less fortunate children this December with 120 present-packed knapsacks courtesy of Stephen’s Backpacks Society.

CWC PCN Social Workers and Medical Office Assistants team up to connect people in need with the backpacks at the care centre and, with help from Patient Care Team members, out in the community.  

“We ask the Primary Care Nurses and Behavioural Health Consultants if they would like to bring them to their clinics to distribute so we share them with more than our clients,” says Catharine van der Linden, a Social Worker. “And the extras get donated to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, and they give them to their families.”

Each backpack has a blanket, age-appropriate toy, toque, mitts, socks, candy and a stuffed animal. The bags cover six age groups from baby to 15 years and over.

This is the fourth year the Primary Care Centre team has taken part in the society’s Christmas campaign.

“I think it is one of the projects that our team looks forward to the most, to be able to give that moment of happiness to families,” says Catherine’s colleague Patricia Hinds. “In this economy, families are struggling more and so it is a good feeling for us to be able to fill that small niche.”

Stephen’s Backpacks Society started as the dream of six-year-old Stephen McPhee, who put together the first 15 backpacks for children with his family in 2006. His act of kindness grew into a charity that rallies communities to help children in need and continue the work he started.

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