MoCA course overview

December 15, 2020

Only 29 spots available: First-come, first-served! Sign up by Friday, Jan. 15, 2021.

Equip yourself to understand the root cause of a patient’s cognitive symptoms faster with the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).

Become certified to administer MoCA, a straight-forward cognitive screening tool that can be used to screen patients for more than 17 cognitive illnesses, including ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, and Schizophrenia.

When a patient starts to experience memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline, it can be a stressful time for everyone involved. No matter the cause, it’s important to quickly determine how an individual’s cognitive function is affected so an appropriate treatment plan can be devised.

With proper training, the test is quick to administer and easy to interpret. The MoCA advanced screening test is available in both a paper and digital format.

The MoCA assesses:

  • Short-term memory
  • Visuospatial abilities
  • Executive functions
  • Attention, concentration and working memory
  • Language
  • Orientation to time and place

Training & Certification program

  • Complete each of the five modules (in any order)
  1. Introduction
  2. Step-by-step tour
  3. Live demonstration
  4. Analysis of completed tests
  5. Self-evaluation of scoring
  • Successfully pass the certification test, a 20-question quiz (score 70 per cent or higher)

The Training & Certification program will be offered at no cost to members who express their interest and sign up by Friday, Jan. 15, 2021.

Yes, I want to sign up

Once you sign up, we will purchase the course for you ($125 USD value). We will then send you a password soon after for you to begin the course at your convenience.

Important notes:

  • As soon as you activate the Training & Certification program, you will have two months and three attempts (to take the test) to pass the certification.
  • Login credentials for the program will reflect the email address you provide to use to sign up and express your interest.
  • The modules can be completed in any order and will take approximately one hour in total to complete. Once certification is complete, you will no longer be able to access or review e training modules.
  • The test must be completed in one session (does not save incrementally).
  • We will not cover costs associated with retaking the course due to a failed test or lapsed time to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact your Physician Liaison or Member Services & Engagement.


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