The CWC PCN wins governance award from national professional body

November 20, 2019

The network’s Governance & Policy (G&P) department was recognized with an award for engagement at the Excellence in Governance Awards (EGAs) on November 7.

The EGAs jury panel selected the department for the Best Engagement by a Governance Team award for their successful use of collaboration and amplified online engagement with “real steps and new initiatives to create measurable results.”

The full judges’ report can be read here.
“I am very proud of our incredible hard-working, innovative, inspired and passionate team,” says Jon Macpherson, G&P Manager. “Jovita Dias, Sharon Bertomo and Breanna Case made immense contributions throughout the past year, and they are the reason why we achieved this award.

“We enjoy tremendous support from Christopher Cameron, our Executive Director, and we are fortunate to have a Board who supports the work that we do.”

Accountable and effective governance is a provincial objective for PCNs that the CWC PCN  has committed to in our business plan and day-to-day work.

About the Excellence in Governance Awards

Organized by the Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC), the EGAs recognize the important contribution governance professionals make in terms of best practices that build and sustain shareholder and stakeholder value.

The awards underscore the critical role that good governance plays in sustaining the value of Canada’s public companies, crown corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, contributing to the competitiveness of Canada’s economy and its capital markets.

The Excellence in Governance Awards jury panel is composed of seasoned and well-respected governance experts from across Canada.

Governance Professionals of Canada is committed to supporting and enhancing the role of the corporate secretary and governance professionals in Canada. Its members work on the front lines of governance.

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