Paneling and CII/CPAR recorded webinars

June 23, 2020

Recordings from the series of webinars on Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) on June 4 and June 11.

Featuring experts from the CWC PCN and the Alberta Medical Association, the webinars cover the benefits and next steps of paneling and CII/CPAR, and how we can help you.

You can increase the playback speed of the recordings by opening settings (the gear icon) once you start the video and selecting playback speed from the menu.

Paneling and CII/CPAR: Foundations for a PMH

Recording from June 4 (37 minutes).


CII/CPAR: Bridging the Continuity Gap

Recording from June 11 (39 minutes).


More CME presentations are in the archive.

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