Billing webinar

June 9, 2020

Billing changes have created many challenges, and we want to help you optimize the new environment.

On Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m. we will host a two-hour live webinar with AMA Billing Consultant Norma Shipley to answer your questions and provide information on changes to the Schedule of Medical Benefits.

Attend the Alberta Health Schedule of Medical Benefits – Optimizing your Claims for Patient Care webinar and you will:

  • Be able to confidently claim for virtual care, office, hospital visits, and minor and diagnostic procedures
  • Better understand the scheduling philosophy and foundational requirements

Your clinic’s billing staff can also attend.

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  • Overview of Alberta Schedule of Medical Benefits and the March 31 schedule changes
  • Optimizing your billing claims for all your offices and hospital care services within the rules in the new environment
  • Evidence and statistics supporting the topic
  • What’s on the horizon?
  • Live Q&A


Norma Shipley is an expert in the Alberta Schedule of Medical Benefits and fee-for-service billing. She has worked for the AMA, AH, and AHS and brings a broad range of experience to her work. She offers education and training sessions to residents, physicians, and physician office staff on the Schedule of Medical Benefits and WCB Billing. She also serves as an AMA representative on the AMA/WCB Advisory Committee.

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