Improving webinar recordings

April 6, 2021

We are introducing a new video platform, called Panopto, for webinar recordings that offers transcripts linked to the video, a search function, and improved navigation.

Try out the platform with the new Med Access EMR recording or the CME Connect recording.

Prefer to read a transcript instead of watching the recording?

  • Select the Captions option and scroll through the recording’s transcript
  • Click any part of the transcript to watch that part of the recording

Other features:

  • Search function to find words or phrases in the recording and start watching there
  • Multiple navigation options: Select Contents to navigate the video through table of content entries or use the video thumbnails
  • Viewer controls to choose playback speed, quality, and volume

Note: You do NOT need to sign in or sign up to Panopto to access the webinar recordings.

You can review Panopto’s guide to their video viewer for more information on using its features.


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