February is Heart Month: Programs and resources to support heart health

February 6, 2019

The CWC PCN and our partners offer a range of programs that assist patients with their heart health throughout the entire year.

24-hour blood pressure monitoring

All CWC PCN members can refer their patients to the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring program at the Primary Care Centre for a clear picture of changes to their blood pressure throughout the day.

Since the program’s relaunch last February, fittingly coinciding with Heart Month, it has received more than 500 referrals.

Alberta Healthy Living Program classes

Alberta Healthy Living Program, a community partner formerly named Living Well, offers group education classes on preventing, as well as living with, stroke in partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation. A class on cholesterol and blood pressure essentials is also available.

Additionally, physicians can refer patients directly to one-on-one appointments with a registered dietitian by noting the request and reason on the program’s referral form.

Specialist LINK: Congestive heart failure

For quick advice, members can consult a specialist in congestive heart failure through Specialist LINK by requesting a return call online or dialing 403.910.2551.

To save time when calling, dial five then two at the automated menu to quickly navigate the phone tree to congestive heart failure.

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