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Accelerating Primary Care Conference presentations online  January 2, 2019

Another successful edition of Alberta’s annual popular Accelerating Primary Care Conference is complete. Missed the opportunity or want to review the content you saw? Session presentations are now available on the PCN PMO website. While you are there sign up with an email to receive updates for APCC 2019 and stay informed on dates and details.

Opioid Response Initiative Calgary Zone newsletter: December 2018  December 17, 2018

Welcome to the second edition of the monthly Opioid Response Initiative newsletter, a family physician’s guide to tools and resources available in the Calgary Zone. 

Download the December 2018 newsletter.

Continuing Medical Education Newsletter - December  December 5, 2018

Influenza Immunization Program Newsletter - November  November 30, 2018

Keep informed about the latest on Alberta's Influenza Immunization program. Issue 37 (November 2018) of the Influenza Immunization Program Newsletter has now been posted to the Influenza Immunization website.   

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Wanted: exam table for donation to non-profit  October 25, 2018

CUPS staff members attending at Alpha House have identified the need for an exam table and wall blood pressure/otoscope unit at the organization’s women-only building. Alpha House is a non-profit that serves individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies.

If you are able to assist, please email Paula at Alpha House or phone 587.393.9100.

Access Mental Health Newsletter - September  October 19, 2018

Continuing Medical Education Newsletter - October  October 16, 2018

Provincial Palliative and End-of-Life Care Newsletter - October  October 16, 2018

This quarterly newsletter gives the latest provincial information and updates to health care providers working in palliative and end-of-life care.

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Influenza Immunization Program Newsletter - October  October 16, 2018

Keep informed about the latest on Alberta's Influenza Immunization program. Issue 37 (October 2018) of the Influenza Immunization Program Newsletter has now been posted to the Influenza Immunization website.

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Perinatal Addiction and Mental Health PCN survey  October 9, 2018

Addiction and Mental Health, Calgary Zone invite you to to participate in a very brief survey (three minutes).
The results from this survey will be used to inform the AHS Calgary Zone Perinatal Addiction and Mental Health (AMH) Strategic Plan that will guide the work with this population over the next 10 years. The plan development is endorsed by AHS Calgary Zone AMH Executive Leadership and is in alignment with priority action areas of our AHS Strategic Clinical Networks.
Engagement with primary care physicians is very important as we know the significance of the relationship between perinatal women and their primary care provider. We hope we are able to collaborate in this way as we work to develop a strategic plan to serve this population.
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Doreen.
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Calgary eating disorders survey  October 3, 2018

A research study at the Alberta Children’s Hospital is examining the perception patterns of community physicians in identifying, managing and referring patients with eating disorders. You are invited you to participate in this study by completing a survey.

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APCC 2018: What Matters Most for Continuity of Care - November 29 - 30  October 3, 2018

Respiratory Shared Care pilot project  April 5, 2018

Would you like to be part of this innovative new way to share care between family practice and respirologists?

The Respiratory Shared Care project is now in the pilot phase and arranging for family practice physicians and respiratory specialists to trial this Shared Care Model in a few primary care clinics.

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OPTIMA study - treatments for prescription opioid use disorder  March 22, 2018

OPTIMA is a Canadian research study evaluating two opioid agonist treatments for prescription opioid use disorder: methadone and buprenorphine/naloxone. Think someone may be interested?  Call the Research Coordinator, Angela at 403.700.6755.  Participants will be compensated for their participation in the trial.

NEW! Complex Care Hub - February, 2018  February 1, 2018

The Complex Care Hub (CCH) is a program based at the Rockyview General Hospital (RGH). It is designed to provide short-term, community based, hospital-level interventions to vulnerable, older adults with chronic, complex co-morbidities who are at risk of hospital admission in Calgary. This program is based on the Hospital-at-Home model and will launch in February, 2018.

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Access Mental Health Newsletter - October 2017  October 13, 2017

Influenza Immunization Program Newsletter - October 2017  October 10, 2017

Issue 32 (October 2017) of the Influenza Immunization Program Newsletter has now been posted to the Influenza Immunization website, listed under Health Professionals.

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AHS' Provincial CIS preferred vendor selected  September 21, 2017

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is taking another important step toward building an AHS Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS) which will transform the way we deliver care.

After almost one year of consultation with hundreds of physicians, staff and patients, Epic is the successful vendor in a Request for Proposal (RFP) to help build the AHS Provincial CIS. The AHS Provincial CIS will support Connect Care, an AHS-led initiative to transform healthcare delivery in the province. 

The AHS Provincial CIS or Connect Care is a collaborative effort between AHS physicians, staff, and patients with the Alberta Ministry of Health. In the spring 2016 provincial budget, the Alberta government committed $400 million over four years toward a new AHS Provincial CIS.

Now that Epic has been selected as the successful proponent, over the summer we will continue working with AHS physicians and staff to get a clear understanding of use and access to technology and other information needed to prepare for designing and building the AHS Provincial CIS that will support Connect Care across AHS. 

We anticipate the vast majority of AHS clinical systems will be migrated to the AHS Provincial CIS over the next four to six years. In the interim, we will keep our existing systems functioning and current. 

This bold initiative is an investment in the health of Albertans and will put the tools, technology and resources in place to make comprehensive patient information accessible to healthcare providers and patients, when and where they need it. Currently, AHS has more than 1,300 independent systems storing patient information. Connect Care will use the AHS Provincial CIS to bring these systems together while helping us focus on the most important part of our work – the care and compassion we provide.

You can keep up-to-date on Connect Care through our new website,, which provides basic information on the initiative and progress updates.

If you have questions about this important initiative, you can mail the Connect Care teams directly at

Dr. Verna Yiu
President and CEO         

Deborah Rhodes
Vice President, Corporate Services
Chief Financial Officer   

Dr. Francois Belanger
Vice President, Quality
Chief Medical Officer

DFM HomePage Newsletter  September 21, 2017

The AHS Chronic Pain Centre Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Teleconsult Service  September 14, 2017

Background, Who We Are, What We Do

These are challenging times for health professionals in Alberta. We are faced with pressures to reduce waitlists, improve efficiency and enhance patient access to care while utilizing existing resources. Add to the mix the current opioid crisis. Stakeholders are exploring non-pharmaceutical treatment options for chronic pain. Navigating these transitional waters creates a need for additional support for health care professionals. The CPC has a long history of working with the Primary Care Networks and with the Physician Teleconsult Service, so creating a Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Teleconsult Service is a natural progression of community partnerships.

Based out of the AHS Chronic Pain Centre in Calgary, The Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Teleconsult Service is a resource for medical, paramedical and health & wellness professionals in both public and private practice. It is available to all health care professionals in Alberta who are seeking more information regarding the management of their chronic pain caseload. Kate Gerry, physiotherapist, is the founder of this service. Her inspiration comes from interacting with hundreds of diverse health professionals over time regarding their clinical conundrums and questions about chronic pain. The rest of the team includes an occupational therapist, Angie Yang, and kinesiologist, Jennifer Greenlay. Together, they have over 40 years of experience in chronic pain, are passionate about they do and ready to lend their support via teleconsults.

Callers can choose to book a teleconsult with either a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or kinesiologist. Your call is confidential and no personal patient information is exchanged. The following topics are some examples of potential inquiries: non-pharmalogical treatment options for chronic pain, early identification of flags for patients vulnerable to developing chronic pain, treatment planning, trouble shooting, access to & way finding of existing services and guidance regarding appropriate referrals to the Chronic Pain Centre.

This program has a dual purpose, to ascertain the needs of health care professionals while helping to support best practices. The data collected will help shed light on what kind of information and support health professionals need to help optimize patient care. The ultimate objective is to increase efficacy of existing resources, reduce waitlists and help to support Albertans to lead higher functioning better quality lives.

To book a teleconsult appointment call 403-955-8250. Allow for up to 30 minutes in your schedule. As a follow-up to the service, callers will be sent a brief Survey Monkey questionnaire regarding the quality of your experience including an opportunity for callers to provide feedback & suggestions regarding what knowledge, resources & tools they think health professionals need to optimize care. If you would like to know more about the nature of program please feel free to contact Kate (phone: 403-955-8273, email: 

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