Classified ads on the Examiner are intended as a service for member physicians. The CWC PCN provides this space as a forum for members wishing to request or promote products and/or services of interest to other member physicians. All member classifieds will be posted provided they meet the criteria identified below. The CWC PCN reserves the right to reject any posting and is not responsible for the veracity of claims made in the postings themselves.

  • CWC PCN physician members can promote their services on the Examiner. Non-PCN physicians whose services may be of interest to PCN members may also be promoted on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Postings for locums will be accepted from both members and non-members.
  • The following postings will be considered on an ad-hoc basis providing they are health-related and relevant to PCN members:
    • Notifications by industry stakeholders such as AHS, CME, other PCN’s, etc.
    • Educational events hosted by outside parties.
    • Fundraising notifications.
    • Like-minded research (vetted by our Medical Director)

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