Medical Director

Q&A: Learn more about the Medical Director through her own words

The Board of Directors and Joint Venture Governance Committee are pleased to announce Dr. Rachel Han as the new Medical Director for the CWC PCN.

An enthusiastic leader, Dr. Han is motivated to improve patient care – particularly in mental health and preventative care – the professional environment for her colleagues and the future of the CWC PCN.

The following Q&A with Dr. Han has been edited for length and clarity.

What are you hoping to accomplish as Medical Director?

Leveraging my effective communication skills and my passion for primary care, I will be focused on ensuring my colleagues are aware of exciting CWC PCN innovations and opportunities, as well as upcoming challenges.

I aim to inspire members to contribute their ideas and opinions, not only to strengthen the organization, but also to support the achievement of common goals.

Looking ahead, what changes, challenges and opportunities do you see for PCNs?

My passion within medicine is mental health, and I have seen significant gaps in mental health services in the community. As I'm becoming aware of all the PCN’s efforts at providing these crucial missing links, I am excited to be part of it because mental health is affecting a huge portion of the population.

It is also undeniable that we have an aging population. So timely access to senior services and after hours for complex Calgarians is very important. I know the CWC PCN has Senior Services, Social Workers and after-hours availability, but I think not many people are aware of it. So part of my role as a leader is to communicate that to others and inform Calgarians of these services.

How do you define the role of Medical Director?

I would define the role of Medical Director as a crucial leadership role that exists to liaise between physicians and the CWC PCN through effective communication and enthusiasm. I think it's very important to have a positive, enthusiastic outlook because it encourages engagement and drives communication. I want to get to know people – I want to inspire and be inspired by people – so feel free to introduce yourself to me.

Why did the position interest you?

I had the opportunity to work with other members through the Primary Care Centre as soon as I joined the PCN – and I loved it. I wanted to enrich my leadership skills and work with these people in a role beyond my clinical practice. As Medical Director, I am excited to inspire other people and engage in relationships with my colleagues in Calgary, as well as across the province.

How do you think your prior experience will help?

What makes my experience unique is the diversity of it, as well my exposure to different populations through volunteering opportunities abroad and the diversity clubs and volunteer organizations that I was part of. I think it allowed me to understand different perspectives and be culturally sensitive within my healthcare work.

Why did you become a physician?

I was drawn to the challenges. Every year medicine faces new evidence and changes, literally, on a monthly basis. I like that it isn't the same thing over and over again, and you have to adapt and learn new methods and skills. That is both exciting and challenging to me.