Board of Directors

The CWC P.G. CO. Board of Directors are elected representatives of the membership and provide oversight and direction to the organization.

Calgary West Central P.G. CO. Articles of Association

From the left: Wendy Coombs, Theresa Truong, Charles Leduc, Nicola Chappell, Brian Cornelson, Scott Beach, Jennifer MacPherson, Mike Spady, William Wu and Barb Unich Not pictured: Jagdeep Doulla, Debbie Goulard and Kerri Treherne.

The CWC P.G. Co. 2018-19 Board of Directors are:

  • Scott Beach, Chair *
  • Nicola Chappell, Vice-Chair *
  • Wendy Coombs, External Director
  • Brian Cornelson, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep
  • Jagdeep Doulla
  • Charles Leduc
  • Jennifer MacPherson
  • Mike Spady, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep
  • Kerri Treherne
  • Theresa Truong
  • Barb Unich, External Director
  • William Wu, Treasurer *
  • Christopher Cameron, Executive Director, Ex-Officio
  • Jon Macpherson, Manager of Governance & Policy, Ex-Officio

* Denotes Officer of the Board

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