Meet your candidates for the Board.

Candidates for the CWC P.G. CO. Board of Directors can provide a 250-word statement that we post in the order we receive them ahead of the 2020 AGM.

Learn more about the physicians standing for election to the Board by reading their statements

There are three openings on the Board for three-year terms. 

Candidate statements:

Dr. Vincent Vong — Westside medical

VongDear colleagues,

I’m standing for election because I believe in the future of a family physician-led, robust primary care system in the Patient Medical Home. Although we face many challenges as a profession, my overall approach is one of positivity and hope.

I grew up in Calgary, and I feel quite connected to the challenges we currently face. Prior to medical school, I completed a BA in Sociology and I worked for various non-profits before completing the combined MD/MBA program at the University of Calgary. I have been involved with multiple committees in the past, but most recently as part of the undergraduate family medicine teaching committee at the University of Calgary during residency.

Decisions should be made in an informed, systematic, and evidence-based manner. I am obsessed with efficiency and practicality. Complex problems may not have simple solutions; but it takes collegiality, exploration, and teamwork to identify them. I like to try new things and I believe that progress requires informed and calculated risk-taking.

There are many great candidates running, and I believe any of them will further the mission and values of the CWC PCN just as well. There are no wrong choices here and I appreciate your time and consideration.

Dr. Olaitan Fajimi — Faj Medical Clinic

FajimiI am a physician with strong passion and believe in the patient-centred care model as it is the cornerstone to modern medicine, lowers healthcare costs and fosters patient-physician relationships and trust.

I am a proud member of the CWC PCN as the structure and programs align with my dream of what community medicine in an urban setting should be.

Based on my three years’ experience on the board of director of the primary health care back home in Katsina State, Nigeria, it makes it clear that getting involved in decision-making is the easiest way to actualize the change we, as physicians, seek.

I believe I am a perfect candidate to sit on the board as I possess the drive to achieve change, share the passion of the PMH and believe in adequate physician support and compensation where applicable.

I would also foster increased physician involvement within the PCN through outreach and interaction.

Dr. Nkechi Ozoka — Medical Express

OzokaI believe I am one of the best candidates to apply to serve on the board. Family medicine is my calling and I see this as an opportunity to be a part of a respected organization like the CWC PCN, which is at the forefront of the patient home standard of care.

I was born and trained as a physician in the U.K. I completed my general practice residency training at the London School of General Practice. My residency was in south London, a melting pot of diverse cultures. This experience was insightful into healthcare socioeconomic disparities many communities face. Therefore, I am keen to work with the CWC PCN to centre patients while developing accessible services for them.

I moved to Calgary in the summer of 2012 and my heart has been captured by this endearing city. The CWCPCN has a commendable reputation and I appreciate the services my patients have had access to. I would love to offer my time, enthusiasm and expertise by working to promote its goals and objectives.

I serve on the Global Advisory Board for a non-profit agency called Conversations for Change, which helps empower young people in Nigeria to participate in areas of development. I have participated in medically diverse team settings in other countries including Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mauritius.

Calgarians are some of the friendliest people I have met. Despite the numerous challenges set by the pandemic, the people of Calgary have persevered. I look forward to contributing my part by joining the CWC PCN Board.

Dr. Jagdeep Doulla — Braeside on 24th Medical Clinic

DoullaI would like to thank you for your consideration as I run for a three-year term with the Board of Directors.

I am a family physician and have been practicing comprehensive family medicine for the past four years. In addition to my clinical practice, I am a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Calgary, where I lead small groups for medical students.

Throughout my career, I have held multiple leadership positions, including sitting on the University of Ottawa Family Medicine Resident Promotion Committee and the Post Graduate Executive Committee. During that time, I was actively involved in starting a resident mentorship program, as well as influencing changes in Family Medicine Resident Training.

As a current Board member, I have spent the last two years helping the Board and the CWC PCN develop a vision for the future of the PCN. I have experience in how the Board is currently operating and can continue in my role thereby shaping change at the Board level, which will ultimately help physicians in their own PMH clinics. In turn, I would like the opportunity to continue my involvement and to provide the Board insight into planning for these major changes in family medicine and support family doctors in this transition.

The ultimate goal is to provide strategies to family doctors for improving efficiency, setting up programs to improve chronic disease management and improve PCN-based supports to help achieve the patient medical home.

Dr. Theresa Truong — Alex Community Health Centre

TruongThank you for your consideration to re-elect me as a Board Director. As a current Board Director and as part of the Membership & External Relations Committee since 2018, I have experience in Board operations and would like to continue to provide a strong physician voice and support the mission of the CWC PCN.

After graduating from the University of Calgary medical school in 2007, I worked in various practice settings and funding models in B.C. and Alberta. My family practice is at the Alex Community Health Centre. I also have an interest in women's health, adolescent medicine, and vulnerable populations.

As the Physician Lead at the Alex Community Health Centre (2013-17) and the Alberta Access Improvement Measures team, I collaborated with multidisciplinary healthcare members to increase clinic efficiency while prioritizing patient outcomes.

I was also the Medical Education Lead at the Alex Youth Centre, an examiner for the medical school, the CCFP and Medical Council of Canada. I enjoy teaching medical students, international medical graduates, and residents. I am a volunteer in the Lions Club community and previously served as the President.

I joined the PCN in 2011 because of a desire to improve patient-centred care and support for family physicians. Although this is a challenging time for primary care, I am confident in advocating for physicians to promote the patient medical home, while decreasing barriers for patients and expanding resources for physicians. I am committed to working with the Board to contribute to the goals of the PCN.


If you have questions, please contact your Physician Liaison or the Board to learn more.